FACCI was formed in early 1990 by individual law enforcement officers, prosecutors and corporate security representatives in response to concerns about the use of computers and other high technology by very diverse types of criminals. FACCI's founding members envisioned a multi-disciplined team approach to the ever-increasing plethora of computer and computer-supported crime. Emphasis was, and is, on defining the processes of identifying when such crimes have occurred, investigating them, and developing sufficient admissible evidence to obtain a conviction in court.

Embodied in the original concept was a membership comprised of highly trained and self-motivated individuals who could assist law enforcement with high-tech crime, negating the perpetual problem of agencies having to "go begging" for help when high-tech crimes occur. It was also envisioned that FACCI would work with our legislators concerning legal issues from the law enforcement and prosecutorial perspective. FACCI's mission also includes fostering and encouraging like organizations in other states, and networking with other organizations outside the State of Florida