The Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators, Inc. (FACCI) is established for the purpose of furthering the knowledge and skills of those individuals engaged in the investigation of computer crimes, the prosecution of computer crimes, and the securing computer of systems against computer crimes. The ultimate goal of every FACCI member shall be justice: the conviction of parties that committed the crime(s) that they are charged with and the acquittal of parties that did not commit the crime(s) that they are charged with.

Nothing in these Standards of Conduct shall be construed as prohibiting members from assisting in the criminal defense of a person that the member believes did not commit the crime(s) that they are charged with. However, FACCI members may not assist in the formulation of defense strategies and questions aimed at attacking the investigation and/or investigators in an attempt to divert the focus from the issue of guilt.

Any person convicted of a felony shall not be eligible for membership and any member who is or has been convicted of a felony shall have their membership immediately terminated.

The knowledge and expertise of FACCI members shall be used to ensure that thorough and professional investigations of computer related crimes are conducted. Members shall treat information and training received from FACCI with appropriate care to ensure that it is only used in the furtherance of pursuits that are within FACCI's goals and purposes.